Recall campaign on Bongo

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Mazda Motor Corporation filed the following recall with MLIT on June 30, 2018.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this recall may cause you.
We have been informing the subject vehicle owners related to the following recall regarding the field action with the direct mail from the Mazda dealers.

In order to expedite the remedy of the affected vehicles with Takata air bag recall, in 2018, MLIT(*) announced the policy not to pass the vehicle inspection, if the subject vehicles are yet to be remedied under the Takata recall action, having a potential risk of abnormal air bag deployment. When the applicable coverage of the policy is expanded sequentially in May, 2022 and May, 2024, certain vehicles will become unable to pass the vehicle inspection. If your vehicle is subject to Takata air bag recall and is yet to be remedied, please contact any authorized Mazda dealer. We are concerned about your safety and strongly encourage you to have your vehicle remedied immediately. The remedy will be performed free of charge.
(*) MLIT stands for “Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism”.

Please enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) through the Recall Search Tool at the top of this page to confirm if your vehicle needs to be repaired as part of Takata air bag recall.

Recall campaign number Launch date
3838 July 7, 2016.

Description of defect

On the certain driver air bag inflator, some propellants in inflator may deteriorate due to the prolonged exposure to high absolute humidity, high temperature and high temperature cycling. Therefore, during the airbag deployment, the container of inflator may be broken, components may be scattered, causing passengers to be injured.

Remedy to correct the defect

Mazda dealers replace the driver side air bag inflator with modified parts.

The subject vehicles

Type Commercial
VIN and Vehicle production period Number of
the vehicles
ABF-SKP2V Bongo SKP2V-211143~SKP2V-214920January 5, 2015~January 8, 2016 3,773
ABF-SKP2M SKP2M-203496~SKP2M-204625January 5, 2015~January 7, 2016 1,130
ABF-SKP2T SKP2T-114343~SKP2T-117891January 5, 2015~January 5, 2016 3,546
ABF-SKP2L SKP2L-104109~SKP2L-105146January 6, 2015~December 25, 2015 1,038
DBF-SLP2V SLP2V-100006~SLP2V-101557February 10, 2016~June 2, 2016 1,551
DBF-SLP2M SLP2M-100007~SLP2M-100626February 10, 2016~June 2, 2016 620
DBF-SLP2T SLP2T-100005~SLP2T-101399February 10, 2016~June 3, 2016 1,386
DBF-SLP2L SLP2L-100005~SLP2L-100426February 10, 2016~June 3, 2016 420

Important notice of Takata air bag recall